Koloale clinches runner-up title in the 2023 Solrais Women's Premier League. Photo credit: Koloale Women's Football Team
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THE Solrais Women’s Premier League is officially over, with the Koloale women’s football team declared the runners-up of this year’s 2023 football season.

After a prize presentation ceremony held at the Pacific Casino Hotel in Honiara, the Koloale club management released an official statement to thank the team, coaching staff, club sponsors, and families for their unwavering commitment and support both on and off the field of play.

“As we sit back and evaluate how far we have come, we come to realize that we are not only building ourselves to be warriors in the field but warriors in our work, study, and families too.

“The 2023 season to us is a season where we learn a lot as a team and as individuals.

“One of the things that we learned as a team is to be able to identify what we can control and what we can’t control around football and life.

“So much has been learned in this year’s league, and I would like to thank the participating teams for helping bring out the best in us.

“To all the club sponsors, thank you for being part of this wonderful journey. We appreciate you choosing to build and impact the lives of these women and girls.

“To all the players, now it’s time to pay for the lost times. Especially those mothers who had to leave their babies to be with the team each weekend. Please spend time with your family. Reconnect and recharge, and we will see you again next year.

“Now let us shift our focus to the Pacific Games. All the best to you, Coach Batram and Team🇸.,” the statement added.

Likewise, the club also acknowledged two instrumental technical members of the club for safeguarding players and staff through the challenging times of this year’s 2023 football season.

“Not to mention our hard-working coordinator, Mrs. Diana Kiko. Thank you very much for your tireless effort in making sure we had our games every weekend. Despite the challenges faced, I know that you have enjoyed every bit of it.

“Big thumps up to George Keso for ensuring we have everything we need before each game day,” it stated.

The club later acknowledged the Solomon Islands Football Federation’s (SIFF) administration, technical staff, and partners for their positive support and vision to develop women’s football in the country.

“To the SIFF office, thank you for making sure that competition is up and running.

“Massive thanks to Solrais for sponsoring the league through SIFF. Thank you for supporting women’s football.

“A special thank you to all the referees. I know you also learned from this season to be better referees come the 2024 season,” the statement added.

The Koloale club also acknowledged Henderson Eels FC’s congratulations for being the champions of this year’s league. We wish you the best in your preparations for the club championship.

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