Archbishop of the Anglican Church of Melanesia the Most Rev George Takeli
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ARCHBISHOP of the Church of Melanesia, the Most Reverend George Takeli has thanked the outgoing President of the Provincial Mother’s Union (PMU) Mary Vunagi for her successful term in office.
Delivering his key note address at the opening of the PMU 14th Great Conference, the Archbishop said Mrs Vunagi indeed has done a great job in her past term in office.
“There are complicated issues with no easy solutions under her term in office. Those issues are very challenging but she also regarded it as rewarding as they awaken deep imaginations and give new insights for understanding and developing new approaches for addressing the issues.
“The fact that she has been able to bring the work of the Mothers Union administration to the end of another term, only confirms that she have successfully completed another term in office,” the Archbishop said.
“As the Arch Bishop and Patron of the Mothers Union ministry in our church, I wish to sincerely thank you chair lady and staffs of your Provincial Mothers Union ministry network throughout the ACOM for your excellent contributions to the overall mission work of our church through the Mothers Union ministry during your past term in office,” he added.
He highlighted that some of the excellent contributions under the leadership of the outgoing PMU President include orderly and informative manner in which the Mothers Union staffs always prepare and present their reports to our church meetings including during his time as diocesan bishop and as the Archbishop.
“For during my time as Diocesan Bishop, and now as Archbishop of our church, among the best reports that I had received as chairman of these meetings are reports presented by your mother’s Union staffs both from the Provincial and Diocesan headquarters,” he said.
Rev Takeli said the new interactive approach on working together within all the mission department in the church is also an excellent example under her leadership especially as it stimulate new interest among the mission departments of our church to want to come together to share ideas on developing effective strategies for  the church mission work.
He also acknowledge the strengthened of mothers Union link with other overseas which really helped to create new bridges for the mission partnership between the Mothers Union in the Anglican Church of Melanesia.
The Archbishop said her vision and support for positive parenting program as well as the city mission program which enables the Mothers Union to reach out to provide pastoral care and healing to those in need such as correctional services, hospital, and selected slum spots around Honiara are also a way forward and should be acknowledged.
Meanwhile other programs also introduced by the outgoing president are the establishment and administration of the adult literacy, and financial literacy program.
He said one of the very important results of Mrs Vunagi’s hard work is the establishment of the Mothers union rest house which gives a new facelift by added rental rooms to increase revenue collection to help support its mission work programs.
He then congratulates the outgoing president and call on the new president to continue the work to help the Mothers Union reach other heights.

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