Lydia Yeo, the election candidate for the Panatina Ward 12 Honiara City Council (HCC) seat.
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LYDIA Yeo, the election candidate for the Panatina Ward 12 Honiara City Council (HCC) seat, has revealed her vision for a better and thriving community.

With a background in community development and a strong belief in community service, Lydia’s vision centers around creating a more inclusive and sustainable Panatina Ward. She envisions social, economic, and environment-friendly development for all residents in Panatina ward, east of Honiara.

In an interview with SOLOMON WOMEN, Yeo, 64, said she finds it incomprehensible that so many people in Panatina Ward do not dwell in safe neighbourhoods.
Yeo recently had the opportunity to observe firsthand the problems that Panatina Ward needed to resolve. Since the start of her campaign, she has gone to Leo Creek, Vara Creek, Burns Creek and Lau Valley, east of Honiara.

“Many local residents were located near rivers, streams, hillsides, and creeks, which posed their wellbeing at risk,” she said.

Lynda, owner of Perch Christian School, has been instrumental in assisting the Burns Creek community during heavy rain and flooding.

 “For the residents of Burns Creek, flooding is a serious problem. Many people living in this area considers Perch School to be their home when it comes to flooding,” she said. “”Many people typically come and seek shelter here, and I see now how difficult it was for them to deal with flooding.”

Yeo is contesting alongside thirteen (13) other candidates in Panatina Ward 12 of the HCC seat in the Central Honiara Constituency.

She initially believed Burns Creek residents were not the only ones experiencing flooding and unfriendly environments, but visiting Green Valley, Leo Greek, Lau Valley, and other communities revealed similar issues.

“Overall, my vision for a better Panatina Ward is to create a thriving and inclusive community that values collaboration, innovation, and sustainability. I am dedicated to working with residents, stakeholders, and government officials to make this vision a reality. Together, we can build a brighter future for Panatina Ward.

“I will prioritize infrastructure improvement in Panatina Ward. This includes investing in maintenance and upgrades for roads, sidewalks, and public transportation to improve accessibility and safety for all residents. I will also work to enhance public spaces, such as parks and recreational facilities, to promote health and wellness in our community. By investing in our infrastructure, we can create a more sustainable and liveable environment for everyone in Panatina Ward.,” she said.

Likewise, she observed that many of these individuals residing in these respective communities had inadequate access to clean water, adequate toilets, and footpaths, which puts them at risk for health issues, particularly for children.

“There’s no proper disposal of waste. These are the communities that are at risk. There’s no work for them. They have kids. They’re relying on cassava and kumara for their livelihood. Sometimes, however, flooding and landslides have impacted their way of life.

“In order to help these vulnerable people in the community live better, there is a great deal of work that needs to be done by the HCC through cooperation from the national government.

“We can use funding to address and solve such problems. The construction of sidewalks in those communities is an example. It’s a matter of building footpaths, a proper drainage system, toilets, and a water supply.
“For example, we could create an attractive garden park for the creeks within these communities. If we really cared about the environment and if people were going to stay as happy and healthy as they’ve always been, then these communities would have lovely scenery.

“There are a lot of beautiful streams in these communities, which have some mosquito breeding grounds, but if you take good care of them, it’ll be fine. There is a lot of money for this, but we need to plan and take advantage of it,” she added.
Lynda’s work as a social worker will also ensure that the Honiara City Council is fulfilling its responsibility to collect waste in order to protect the healthy environment.

She stressed that HCC’s waste management division should not have neglected the needs of communities in Panatina ward and ensure they adhere to their waste collection schedules.

“HCC’s waste management division shouldn’t have let people down. In these communities, they should comply with their waste collection schedules. The main factor in health problems is the bad environment. It is also of great importance to monitor. They’re supposed to be watching and making sure the area is safe for humans.

“There’s a lot of work to be done with these vulnerable people. We’re capable of making changes, and we’re capable of doing them if we work together and put our hearts together for the common good and the good of the people of Honiara and the Solomon Islands as a whole,” she said.

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