Solomon Islands female amateur boxer Beata Keiaka, who won a bronze medal in her debut at the recent XVII Pacific Games 2023 in Honiara.
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SOLOMON Islands female amateur boxer Beata Keiaka, who won a bronze medal in her debut at the recent XVII Pacific Games 2023 in Honiara, acknowledges the Solomon Islands National Institute of Sports.

Beata, 22, secured a bronze medal at the Pacific Games 2023 in Honiara after she was beaten by a formidable opponent, Sheila Yama from Papua New Guinea (PNG), in the women’s 70kg category medal semi-finals at the Friendship Hall in Honiara.

In a recent interview with SOLOMON WOMEN, she expressed her gratitude towards the Solomon Islands National Institute of Sports (SINIS) for their contribution to her enhanced training, especially to ensure she is well-prepared both mentally and physically to compete against the intense challenges of top regional boxers during the Pacific Games.

“Without the scheduled SINIS high performance training program and facilities, I won’t reach this far of earning a bronze medal for the country.

Photo Credit @ Sol2023 Pacific Games News Service.

“The intensive high-performance training under the supervision of technical experts at the SINIS is an experience I will always treasure in my time as a boxer representing the country at the XVII Pacific Games in 2023.

“This is a major achievement for me reaching the bronze medal playoff, and I will always treasure the SINIS technical staff for their overall expertise in preparing not only me but other athletes in the country,” Beata told SOLOMON WOMEN.

She specifically acknowledged the strength and conditioning coaches for their approach to her training program, which resulted in substantial improvements in her physical endurance and overall stamina.

Furthermore, Beata praised the SINIS for their exceptional support services, including access to physiotherapists, nutritionists, and sports psychologists. She firmly believes that the holistic approach taken by the institute has contributed significantly to her overall performance and well-being.

She emphasized that, without their support and resources, she would not have been able to achieve his current level of success. She hopes that the SINIS will continue to nurture the next generation of athletes and provide them with the necessary tools to excel on both the regional and international stages.

SINIS is the national government-funded sporting institute of the Solomon Islands. Its main role is to provide high-performance sports programs, services, and training facilities for athletes and coaches for 30 national federations in the country.

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