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A local entrepreneur is reminding election candidates to focus on creating business-friendly policies and advancing women’s rights in their campaign promises.

As the upcoming election draws near, small business owners like Margaret Qae are especially interested in hearing what candidates have to say about supporting their enterprises. Margaret, who owns a successful tailoring business called MQB Dye Shop, Margaret in east Honiara, believes that a strong economy relies on policies that encourage entrepreneurship and growth.

Margaret emphasized how important it is to acknowledge the private sector’s role as a catalyst for economic growth.

Owner of MQB Dye Shop, Margaret Qae.

She underlined that gender equality is a necessary condition for both social and economic advancement, in addition to being morally required. She also emphasized the relationship between women’s rights and more general concerns like access to education and economic empowerment.

In addition to economic development, Margret is also advocating for women’s rights to be at the forefront of the political agenda. As a female business owner, she knows firsthand the struggles that women face in the workplace and is hoping for more support from lawmakers to tackle issues such as pay equity and workplace discrimination.

“I want to see candidates prioritize creating a thriving business environment and prioritizing women’s rights,” said Margret. “These are crucial issues that need to be addressed to create a more equitable and prosperous society.”

She believes that small businesses are the backbone of the local economy and need more support from the government.

Beyond financial concerns, Margret was a passionate supporter of women’s rights, especially in the areas of healthcare and education.

She underlined how crucial it is for women and girls to have access to all medical services, including birth control and sex education.

Margaret noted that women ought to be free to decide for themselves what constitutes a healthy reproductive system, including whether or not to have children.

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