Rose Wateha'a announces her plans to contest for Mataniko Ward in the upcoming Honiara City Council joint election on April 14.
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ROSE Wateha’a announces her plans to contest for Mataniko Ward in the upcoming Honiara City Council joint election on April 17th, 2024, aiming to promote change and address long-standing issues.

Wateha’a’s decision-making to enter politics has been influenced by societal norms and personal obstacles, resulting in numerous challenges and setbacks.

In an interview with SOLOMON WOMEN Wateha’a recounted her initial political aspirations being hindered by her husband’s reluctance, influenced by traditional gender roles that limited her to domestic spheres.

“Being undeterred by previous setbacks, I started a life-changing journey to Eastern Mennonite University in the USA, where I refined my knowledge and wisdom on leadership and women’s peacebuilding abilities,” she said.

Wateha’a highlighted her unwavering commitment to effecting positive change in Matanoniko Ward, urging voters to support a candidate who not only identifies but also understands and addresses the pressing issues facing the community.

“Despite facing opposition and adversity, I remain resolute in my quest for a better future, fueled by my unwavering belief in the power of genuine connections and collective action,” she expressed.

She acknowledged the importance of youth in society and the need to change attitudes and provide opportunities for their personal and professional growth.

Wateha’a stressed the crucial role of young people in societal advancement, emphasizing the need to change perceptions and offer them meaningful growth opportunities.

“I understand that youth play a vital role in advancing society.

“There has been a missing link between leaders and those in communities who face the real challenges, especially the parents.

“We, as parents, vote for our leaders with the hope that they will address the problems affecting young people, but nothing changes,” Wateha’a said.

She added that this lack of support and engagement has contributed to a host of issues, including alcoholism and criminal activities among our youth.

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