Priscilla Ragu, a journalist (second from left), and Lawrence Kafa, a community practitioner work with Solomon Islands Planned Parenthood (first from left). Photo by Fiji Women's Action Rights Movement
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An incredible training happened at the Pearl Resort Pacific Harbour Hotel in Fiji early June of this year.

Two members of Women and Media and Communications Solomon Islands embarked on a life-changing journey. Priscilla Ragu, a journalist, and Lawrence Kafa, a community practitioner work with Solomon Islands Planned Parenthood, attended a special training event for a week. This event was a significant moment in the fight for gender equality and women’s rights in the Pacific.

Priscilla Ragu couldn’t contain her excitement as she described the training. It opened her eyes to new ideas and perspectives. In just five days, she learned about important topics, like analyzing the country’s budget and understanding the needs of women. Priscilla now wants to use her expertise to make sure women’s issues are considered when decisions are made about money. She wants to empower women and promote inclusivity in the budget-making process.

Priscilla Ragu, a local journalist (center) during the training at the Pearl Resort Pacific Harbour in Fiji. Photo by Fiji Women’s Action Rights Movement

The training also covered a crucial topic: sexual harassment in the workplace. Priscilla gained a deep understanding of this issue, including different types of harassment and how to recognize and report them. She is now ready to support survivors and advocate for policies that protect people’s dignity and respect in the workplace.

One valuable resource from the training was the TrackGBV Dashboard, which shows how widespread sexual harassment is in the Pacific. This tool uses data to shed light on the problem and inspire change. Priscilla plans to use this resource to create a strong sexual harassment policy within Women in Media Solomon Islands (WIMSI) and other organizations she works with. With the power of data, she wants to improve the legal processes related to sexual harassment and ensure fairness and justice.

But the training’s real strength was the collaboration among the participants. Priscilla joined passionate advocates from Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, Samoa, Tuvalu, and Fiji in meaningful discussions and shared experiences. This exchange of ideas and knowledge created a supportive environment where everyone learned from each other. Together, they formed a united front against gender inequality in the Pacific.

On the last day of the training, Priscilla and the other participants created a comprehensive Sexual Harassment Policy. She is filled with hope and plans to implement this policy within WIMSI and other organizations. This will have a lasting impact on the media and communications field. With the knowledge and inspiration gained during the training, Priscilla is committed to creating a better future for victims of sexual harassment and giving women a stronger voice in the media.

Reflecting on this remarkable week, Priscilla understands the importance of the training for her work as a journalist and communicator. Equipped with new insights and a sense of responsibility, she is ready to address pressing issues with integrity and ensure justice for victims of sexual harassment. Priscilla’s journey is an example of the power of women’s empowerment in making a positive change.

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