Institute of Solomon Islands Accountants (ISIA) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Pamela H. Naesol. Photo credit @ ISIA Media
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ONBOARDING the role of CEO is inarguably one of the biggest responsibilities a person can commit to in their lifetime. Not only do they have to have a masterful grasp of their own capabilities but must be able to channel these skills into tangible lessons for their teams. However, where some may simply get by in their roles, there are CEOs who have gained global recognition for their exceptional capabilities. One such CEO is Pamela H. Naesol – the woman overseeing the overall operations of ISIA, Solomon Islands’ national accountancy regulation body. Below, we explore Pamela’s values, experiences, and award-winning leadership style in more detail.

Driven by a sense of resilience that she has accumulated throughout her lifetime, Pamela H. Naesol has always sought a way to have a positive impact on the world around her. So, when she was approached with a proposition to become ISIA’s CEO, how could she say no? From this point on, she was finally able to infuse her team with the invaluable qualities she had obtained over the years. In doing so, Pamela has developed an enriching leadership style – one that not only honours the individuality of each team member, but actively encourages them to align their personal goals with the organisation’s vision to create something truly wonderful.

As a result, ISIA has become just that – a reliable accountancy regulation body whose guidance has already served to uplift various stakeholders across the Solomon Islands.

Empowered by Pamela’s personal sense of honesty, integrity, consistency, and reliability, the organisation has been able to frequently demonstrate an exceptional understanding of what stakeholders need, while simultaneously fostering its own internal growth.

Such a balance isn’t easy to strike, and yet it seems as though Pamela has managed to tread this fine line by harmonising her personal ambitions with her professional ones. In Pamela’s own words – “Work is a way for me to fully express myself – my beliefs, my personality and character, and my strengths. My USP is my ability to be resilient in life. Life has never been easy for me, however somehow I always overcome in the end and continue moving forward.”

This attitude is what has driven Pamela forward throughout both her career and her personal life. Through overcoming hardships and facing tough times by herself, she has gained an incredible understanding of how to navigate even the trickiest of the terrains, and how to come out stronger on the other side.

Implementing this into her leadership approach, Pamela proudly stands as a CEO that her colleagues can turn to, regardless of their struggles – one that promises to go further than just lending an ear, and will actively play a part in helping them get back on the right track. By committing herself to this approach, Pamela has proven that she’s a CEO worthy of recognition, with her personalised mindset distinguishing her from other leaders within her field.

However, these characteristics aren’t the only ones that define

Pamela’s capabilities as a CEO. Though necessary to managing her team, Pamela has accumulated a broad skillset that transcends her more holistic strategies. In particular, in addition to her technical accounting skills, she has developed critical interpersonal skills that unite problem solving and creativity in a more than satisfying manner. Having experienced many instances of struggle caused by an inability to look ahead, Pamela wanted to ensure that she didn’t stumble into similar pitfalls, and therefore went on to dedicate herself to truly understanding the problems that she could potentially face as a CEO.

Pamela further expresses this notion as follows – “One of my key strengths in life is problem solving. I was always fascinated with solving mathematical equations since I was a child, because maths was my favourite subject in school. I see life as a series of problems that need to be solved in order for us to progress higher. Having said this, I resonate more with the strategic and transformational leadership styles because, for me, everything in life is about solving problems. I believe we cannot progress forward if the problems we face cannot be solved. Effective problem solving requires strategic thinking. With a strategic mindset, we can identify root causes of problems and consequently come up with innovative solutions which may eventually lead to transformational changes in the current status quo.”

As a direct result, she has managed to not only identify issues as they arise, but predict when they may emerge. Such a talent is often reserved for seasoned CEOs with decades of experience behind them, but Pamela has managed to accumulate such an astounding knack for problem solving that far exceeds her five year tenure.

Though she may have only onboarded the role of CEO in 2019, Pamela has continued to demonstrate a level of knowledge and knowhow that certainly stands as a testament to her passion for fulfilling her detailed responsibilities.

Partnered with Pamela’s person-centric approach to leadership, ISIA has undergone a metamorphosis that has shaped it into the intuitive, organised, and respectful environment it is today.

In short, Pamela H. Naesol is a shining example of just how far a determination to be one’s true self can take an organisation, with her incredibly individualised approach to leadership having elevated ISIA to exciting new heights. Were it not for her, the collective may have never developed such an astute understanding of how to flawlessly navigate potential problem areas, making it a standout in its field. It’s for this very reason that APAC Insider is honoured to feature Pamela as part of our APAC CEO of the Year Awards 2024 programme.

We look forward to seeing how Pamela continues to reshape the expectations bestowed upon the CEO role as she leads ISIA toward its bright future.

About the Institute of Solomon Islands Accountants:

The Institute of Solomon Islands Accountants (ISIA) is established by the Accountants Act 2010 to regulate the registration and conduct of accountants in the Solomon Islands.  ISIA is committed to promoting excellence in the accounting profession, providing education, training, and advocacy to its members, fostering their professional growth and development.

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