Mothers Union in Anglican Church of Melanesia held a farewell visit ceremony to welcome Worldwide Mother's Union President, Mrs. Sheran Harper, in Honiara. Photo credit @ Anglican Church of Melanesia (ACOM)
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MOTHERS Union in the Anglican Church of Melanesia (ACOM) was honored to host the farewell visit of the Worldwide Mother’s Union President, Mrs. Sheran Harper, and the Worldwide Mothers’ Union Regional Development Coordinator, Jeanette Lawrence.

Sheran and Jeanette arrived at Henderson International Airport around 1:20 PM yesterday, where they were warmly received by the ACOM Provincial Mother’s Union President Rosemary Sahu, alongside Mothers Union leaders and representatives from various dioceses and parishes within Honiara.

Upon arrival, Mrs. Harper and Jeannette were gracefully garlanded by the members of the Girls Friendly Society at the Saint Barnabas Provincial Cathedral. The Cathedral Mothers Union of Malaita adorned them with traditional attire, and the Lord Howe Mother’s Union added a further cultural touch by dressing them in traditional Lord Howien attire.

In a symbolic gesture, Mrs Harper was carried to be received by the Christ the King Parish Mother’s Union, who escorted her to Melanesia Haus.

The formal welcome ceremony commenced with a prayer led by the Rector of Saint Barnabas Cathedral Reverend Moffat Selo, accompanied by the Provincial Mothers Union Chaplain Reverend Lonsdale Rubaha.

Key speeches were delivered by Provincial Mother’s Union President Rosemary Sahu and Zone C Mother’s Union representative Pamela Abana, followed by an inspiring address from Worldwide President Sheran Harper.

The visit includes a week-long training and retreat program, designed to empower and inspire local Mothers Union leaders and members.

The program, which began with the heartfelt welcome ceremony, will conclude with a Holy Eucharist service on Sunday 2nd June at Saint Barnabas Provincial Cathedral.

This farewell visit marks a significant event for the Mothers Union in the ACOM, celebrating the global unity and shared mission of empowering women and supporting families. The presence of Mrs. Harper and Jeannette underscores the commitment of the Worldwide Mothers Union to promote development and spiritual growth among its members.

Sheran Harper was born in the United Kingdom and grew up in Guyana. She became the president of this old and largest women movement serving around 4 million members in around 84 countries. She became the President of Worldwide Mothers Union in January 2019 and her term ends this year.

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