Mrs Mavin Rimsa from Beiporo village in the South East Vella La Vella Islands, Western Province. Photo credit @ Alfred Pagepitu
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SOUTH EAST Vella La Vella Island Rivers, which share borders with North Vella, require a bridge to connect the villages of Ruruvai, Beiporo, Ngiarovai, Juno, Kuava, Joroveto, Maravari, Uzamba, Barokoma, and Malosova. This bridge would provide villagers with access to health facilities and business activities.

Mrs. Mavin Rimsa from Beiporo village in the South East Vella constituency highlighted the lack of a proper bridge, which makes it difficult for people to cross the rivers.

“We women are tired of hearing false promises from our leaders to build bridges for our people and students to access health and education in other villages,” she expressed.

“The Kolokolo clinic is quite far from our village, and one has to walk a considerable distance to reach health services,” she added.

“The aid post is located on the other side of the river, and one has to cross two rivers before reaching it.”

Only coconut trees serve as the makeshift bridge for the people of Beiporo. Photo credit @ Alfred Pagepitu

Mrs. Rimsa mentioned that pregnant mothers and sick patients face difficulties when trying to cross over for medical check-ups, and in some cases, lives have been lost. The elderly also find it challenging.

She explained that it is financially difficult for them to buy fuel to reach these services, so they often have to walk long distances.

“These are some of the issues that have been overlooked in most remote communities within Southeast Vella.”

“Many of our women give birth in their home villages due to a lack of proper access to aid posts or provided services, and sometimes women die,” Rimsa added.

She highlighted their dependence on faith in God, as there is no mobile network to contact aid posts in nearby villages.

Rimsa noted that these are the areas where leaders need to focus, rather than serving only a few voters with their own interests.

She said that most issues affecting women have been overlooked, and some leaders only pay attention to them when they visit the village shortly before elections.

Rimsa said by saying that the women of the Beiporo community will participate in the upcoming election on April 17th to choose the right candidate who will address women’s issues in rural and remote communities.

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