Hon. Lenelle Tanagada. Photo Credit: Pacific Women in Politics
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A powerful call was made to all mothers by Honourable Lanelle Tanangada, Minister of Education and Human Resources Development (MEHRD) during the ‘March and Vigil for Justice’ program at the SMI grounds last week.

Hon Lanelle made the call to all women during the ‘March for Justice’ for late Mary who was allegedly raped and brutally murdered in Kolombangara, Western province last month.

A participant of the ‘March and Vigil for Justice’ event at the SMI grounds last week.

She said that mothers ultimately have the greatest power in the world because they influence the way their children develop and the things they do when they grow up.

“The greatest importance is that we offer mothers every inch of support we can. It is true in this statement which says “the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.

“Mothers, it is our prayers that our tender hands are gentle and ordained by the creator to bring up a son that will learn to love and respect their sisters, aunties, and other girls and women,” Hon Tanangada said.

She added that the neat thing about our culture is also the role of a mother plays at home in nursing and caring for the child though today’s society tends to advocate differently.

participants during the ‘March and Vigil for Justice’ event at the SMI grounds last week.

“I am appealing to all mothers that there are some sacred duties in the home which is sorely the responsibility of a mother and we must uphold this. Our hands are ordained with that touch to bring the son.”

She also reminded parents that they have a big responsibility to always accompany our vulnerable girls where ever the eyes can’t reach them.

Honorable Lanelle also calls on girls and women to report any act of violence and rape early at the inception. 

“Report them early before it’s too late. We can save lives by condemning any early signs of disrespectful acts,” she said.

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