WOMEN in Media Solomon Islands (WIMSI) Co-Founder Ender Rence.
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WOMEN in Media Solomon Islands (WIMSI) Co-Founder Ender Rence expressed gratitude to the participants at the recent Feminism forum which was held at the Holy Cross Hall in Honiara from 5th to 6th December 2022.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with SOLOMON WOMEN NEWS PAPER Ender said the idea behind the forum is to bring together diverse women from all kinds of different women groups and men from other organizations who wanted to advance gender equality in the Solomon Islands.

Participants presenting during the course of the Feminist Summit.

She said during the Solomon National Feminism Forum participants had discussed and come up with a feminism definition and organized group discussions around issues faced by women and ways of going forward.

“This is to hear the diverse voices and also to define the word feminism in our local context. That’s basically what the forum was about,’’ said Ender.

She said one of the outcomes of the two days forum is the formation of partnerships where they create genuine partnerships that will help them to pave the way forward for those who attend the forum and feminism movements.

Participants at the Feminist Summit.

“We came up with the idea of partnership that will help guard us going into the future and one of the outcomes is we form a support network. It’s a network of contacts. The support network will help us to organize meet-ups, mentoring talks, and training,’’ she said.

“We form the support network where we can call upon each other if we want to meet up or when we intend to do some kind of training or mentoring, so it’s easy for us to look out for each other,’’ said Ender.

According to her, the forum is the first of its kind.

Regina Lepping making a point during the summit.

She said there are other Pacific Feminism Forums organized in Fiji a few years ago where she was part of.

“So that’s one of the reasons WIMSI organized the Solomon National Feminism Forum because of us participating in the past Feminism Forum a few years back in Suva,’’ she said.

“Will see what’s the next step is, because currently what we are doing now is to work with women in media with other funders supporting the feminism forum,’’ Ender told SOLOMON WOMEN NEWSPAPER.

 “So there are other National Feminism Forums around the pacific region, Fiji action women network where we are also worked with them to organize a forum in the last past month,’’ She Said.

She said the Solomon Islands is the last country to organize the feminist forum.

Group discussion

Ender thank donors and funders who supported the forum, and for the given opportunity to bring together the different diverse voices in Honiara.

She also thank those who responded positively to participate during two days Solomon National Feminism Forum.

“We had a really good discussion around women in leadership, and partnerships, and yes it’s good that we also have an LGTPQI rep with us. so yes, it’s good we have to listen to different voices in the different needs and the challenges we faced together and how we will go forward together, ’said Ender.

She said it’s a big achievement and it’s good to hear about the women and other women who participate.

“I am really happy and really thankful to be part of the forum,’ Ender concluded.

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