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Mother’s Day is celebrated annually in the Solomon Islands, and we believe it’s not only limited to celebrating “mums” in the country.

It’s an opportunity to celebrate, reflect, honour, remember and share stories about how our mothers have positively contributed to and influenced our upbringing, inspire us and our children, and our spouses, and continue to make our homes a better place.

However, it’s also very important for our communities to celebrate Mother’s Day appropriately and respectably taking into consideration our neighbours and other people in our communities. Let us celebrate the true meaning of Mother’s Day with deep respect and honour for the lives of our mothers and the important roles they play in our families, our communities, our nation, and the rest of the world.

This global special day had such a profound influence and has shaped a new culture in the country where people often celebrate this day with special meals, alcohol, families, church services, and other celebratory activities with their mothers.

It’s obvious to see on social media lovely photographs and wonderful stories of people celebrating with their mums, but we also saw heartbreaking stories of those who have lost their mothers, and relationships that broke up, but apparently, we want to thank all wonderful mothers in the country whether living or departed.

There is no role in life as essential as that of motherhood. Only God knows what it takes to go through pregnancy and childbirth, and more especially in raising a child in these challenging times.

We would like to encourage all fathers throughout the nation on this Mother’s Day, to express appreciation of her value, daily sacrifice, and the essential role that mothers play in the lives of children and families.

That is why, Fathers should always express love to their wives not only on Mother’s Day but every day; you will notice that your small children are learning a lesson every time they see how you as their father respect and loves their mother, your wife.

Likewise, Fathers should not forget their biological mothers on this year’s mother’s day. They gave us life and birthed us. They picked us up when we fell and unconditionally loved us back when we strayed. There is no-one like a mother, no substitute for her place, no equal to her love and placement in our own development.

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