City Clerk Says Challenges of Rural Women is our Challenge
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CHALLENGES of rural women is our challenge and let us unify and overcome this challenge, according to Honiara City Council Clerk, Rence Sore.

Rence said rural women and girls often face restricted access to productive resources, such as land, agriculture inputs, finance and credit, extension services, and technology.

“This challenges limits the agricultural sector’s efficiency. Traditional and cultural norms make it more difficult for women to gain access to public services, markets and institutions, social protection and decent employment opportunities,” the City Clerk said.

He said as a City Clerk of Honiara City Council, in particular as a child of rural woman, bred and fed in a rural setting. Am glad to say that our rural women deserve the respect that is due to them.

October 15 is celebrated as the International Day of Rural Women. It is recognized by the United Nations.

While the day comes annually, the government of Solomon Islands must ensure that their women population from the rural and urban areas – is living a good life every day.

Solomon Islands, in particular, must create avenues to facilitate the needs of women from rural areas who face continuous hardships.


Photo Caption: Honiara City Council Clerk, Rence Sore giving his key speech to mark the International Day of Rural Women.

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