The 7 contestants introducing themselves during the launching night
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The 2017 Miss Solomon Islands Pageant (MSIP) has officially launched last night at the Honiara Hotel.

Speaking during the ceremony Under Secretary for the Ministry of Women, Youth, and Children Affairs (MWYCA), Mr. Steve Maesiola stressed that the government based on its mandated and gender policy outcomes; the responsible Ministry’s work is to drive implementation, advocacy and coordination of stakeholders to empower women and girls through Women in leadership, eliminating violence against women and girls, Women economic empowerment, peace & security, education and health and improved access to women’s right to basic health services.

“The ministry is happy to collaborate with MSIP as it is one of the platforms that will enable young women to be aware of ongoing gender issues, challenges and barriers women and girls encountered in the country,” Mr. Maesiola said.

Furthermore, he encourage young women contestant that the journey of being gender advocates and raising issues of women must not end.

“You must use whatever knowledge you have gained during your experience in the pageant to create and raise awareness on gender issue and ways to find solutions in addressing them.

On the same note, MSIP Director, Ms. Joyce Konofilia praised the support from the government and those together that made this year’s launching a success.

“This is the third year we (Solomon Host) organize this event, and I would like to thank those who have put in effort throughout these years to reach another success.

“We had our own challenges but together with resourceful people taking part these launching is made possible.

She added that despite these challenges, their partnership with the government and other business stakeholders she assures their commitment for the growth of the event.

The launching marks the start of the pageant’s two weeks of contesting with the speech and float set for 27th October.

“For the float this year we will have the longest route, from the tourism school at SINU to Rove at back to Art Gallery. And the crowning night on the 28th (October),” the director revealed.

Meanwhile, only six contestants have confirmed their sponsors and one contestant yet to be sponsored.

“We are confident that all seven contestants will have their sponsors, currently business houses have shown interest to have a contestant on board,” says Ms. Konofilia.

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